R E A B C  LLC Real Estate Appraisals, Brokerage & Consulting
R. E. A. B. C.
Appraisals Appraisal          engagements          are channeled      to      either      Langham Appraisals,   Inc.,   or   as   necessary   to segregate   services,   one   of   several qualified outside appraisal firms.  Langham   Appraisals,   Inc.,   is   a   full- service   appraisal   firm   with   over   20 years            experience            valuing commercial properties in NE Florida. 
Brokerage Mr.   Langham,   through   REABC,   LLC,   provides     personalized     commercial real      estate      brokerage      services throughout    the    Jacksonville    MSA.          Services       include       Broker       Price Opinions,    listing    agreements,    and contract negotiations.
Consulting R eal      estate      consulting      services include      site      selection,      feasibility studies,   sensitivity   analyses,   HBU   and marketability       studies,       acquisition analyses,    litigation    support,    property observations        and        photography, property   reviews,   operational   reviews, investments,       lease       and       lease- purchase       analyses,       cash       flow projections, et al.
Samuel   A.   Langham,   MAI,   is   a   broker   and   an   appraiser   in   Jacksonville   Beach,   Florida.     He   provides   commercial   real   estate   appraisal   services   through   Langham   Appraisals,   Inc.,   and   commercial   brokerage   services   through   REABC,   LLC .      Over   the   past   twenty   years,   he has   developed   a   diverse   body   of   working   knowledge   appraising   a   wide   range   of   property types   within   the   Jacksonville   MSA.      He   has   an   undergraduate   degree   in   economics   and   a Master   of   Business   Administration   with   concentrations   in   finance   and   international   business from   the   University   of   Florida.      He   is   a   Member   of   the   Appraisal   Institute   and   has   been qualified   as   an   expert   in   valuation   matters   by   the   federal   courts.      His   professional   vitae   is available   upon   request.      For   further   information   or   to   discuss   your   real   estate   needs   call   Sam at (904) 249-3403 or email him at salangham@reabc.com